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Additional Services

Land Team Chile provides the following additional services that will enable you and your family to adapt more easily to life in a big city such as Santiago:

  • Advice and accompany family members in obtaining a National Identity Card and Driving License.
  • Advice on banking alternatives and in the opening of bank accounts.
  • Propose and accompany in the purchase of housing furniture.
  • Advice and recommend the best interior design and decoration alternatives.
  • Advice and accompany in the purchase or lease of cars.
  • Guide you in choosing of health facilities, clinics, hospitals, drugstores, and the like.
  • Propose, suggest and guide you in the hiring of service staff, including maid services, electrician, and gardener, as well as household services, such as Internet, TV Cable, and home security.
  • Recommend and suggest insurance companies for contracting insurance policies.
  • Guide you and suggest alternatives for the (eventual) choosing of a Pension Fund Administration Institution (A.F.P) and of a Health Insurance Institution (ISAPRE).
  • Transfers to and from Santiago Airport, as well as private transportation in or outside of Santiago.
  • Suggest tour trips -“Getting to Know Chile”: visits to wine vineyards, ski centers, thermal spas, and the like.